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A complete range, from IP Hands-free Android based intercom monitors to basic audio only. Classic, top-notch and trendy: the ideal look can be chosen for every space to assert good taste and character of your home.

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Max is the new, latest generation Urmet IP Touch 7” screen revolutionising the world of video door phones. The thin and state-of-the-art screen may be installed on a wall or recessed, without any encumbrance. Its sleek and versatile line makes it an object with a unique design, which integrates perfectly in any contemporary interior.

Uncover a whole new world of integration possibilities
Ideal for Day 1 installation to deliver smart lighting and blind control using inbuilt home control technology and for customised solutions, our factory controlled App environment delivers endless possibilities for systems of your own choice. 

Urmet brings together home technology and video intercom via a single touchscreen in a controlled Android environment.

The screen leverages the sensitive touch technology to integrate such innovative functions as the IPerHome home control, appliance and video surveillance system management, proximity key scanning for facilitated access, audio and video call and messaging management directly from a smartphone through the Urmet Call2U system. The simple and user-friendly interface is very easy to operate, even for those who are not particularly familiar with modern technology.

  • Dimensions: 134 x 208 x 19 mm (H x W x D) 8.18 x 5.27 x 0.74 in
  • 7” monitor
  • Screen resolution: 1024 x 600
  • Call-forwarding function to smartphones and tablets
  • CCTV functionality with IP cameras
  • IPerHome-ready
  • Home button
  • Customised MUTE function with preset duration
  • Customised ringtones with MP3 support
  • Miscellaneous: weather, news, e-mail, web browsing
  • Micro-SD slot for photos, music and storage
  • Factory controlled third party app for smart home control
  • Powered by Android
  • 2 LAN ports, WiFI, Bluetooth and Mifare

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Miro Handsfree
Miro Handsfree

The Miro Handsfree is the latest addition to the URMET 2Voice Apartment Intercom selection.

Available in black finish or white finish; it is the perfect solution for either new installations or replacement of existing.

  • 16:9 colour monitor display 4.3”
  • Colour: polished white
  • Call volume regulation
  • Ringer selection for outdoor call and floor call
  • MUTE function
  • Brightness and colour adjustment
  • Door opener button and 3 additional buttons for additional functions (entrance opening, staircase light control, exchange call, etc.)
  • Second driveway door opening
  • Call and other active functions warning LED
  • Possibility to make 3 intercom calls
  • Metal bracket for wall mounting with provision for installation with 503 flush-mounting boxes and round 60 mm 2.362 in dia. boxes
  • Programming with dip-switch
  • Integrated induction loop for hearing-aid users
  • Wall mounting or flush-mounting
  • 2 free push button to connect to E2BPP for 2 wireless Yokis scenarios
  • Panic call
  • Call repeater

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Miro Handset
Miro Handset

Miro Handset Video Monitors for 2VOICE.

Colour Video Standard, with an audio only option available also.

  • Compact size but the screen is bigger 4.3"
  • LED for active call signalling
  • Mute Function
  • Colour and brightness adjustment
  • Second gate opening
  • Possibility to undertake 3 intercom conversations
  • Includes a metal bracket for wall mounting


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IP Intercom

This new hands-free monitor is at the forefront of communication. IP protocol throughout, this devices allows to manage all new functions using a touch screen and user-friendly icon interface.

The surface of the 7” display is perfectly coplanar with the shiny black frame creating a streamline appearance and a device which speaks of high quality and innovation. 

Provided with integrated camera, double stereo speaker and Internet connection, iModo turns your video door phone monitor into a genuine apartment station capable of providing all the most modern functions of an integrated video door phone system (such as unlimited video surveillance and VGA communication between apartments) and audio and video home automation functions, such as playing mp3 files in stereo mode and storing and playing videos on SD cards.

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The innovative design and technology of the new Urmet hands-free touchscreen monitor, Modo, makes it the ideal partner for Ipervoice.

  • 7"” colour display with touch-screen menu
  • Unlimited intercom calls from virtual keypad on screen
  • Unlimited activations using virtual keypad
  • Possibility of calling several switchboards or manned stations
  • Management of two electric locks
  • Selectable ring tones
  • Surveillance camera scan cycle
  • Mailbox query function
  • Automatic door opener function
  • Mute function with LED indicator
  • Audio by means of two speakers
  • Can be installed on IPervoice only.

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The new Aiko hands-free video door phone is available in two colours, black and white, for all market needs. It has a striking clean-cut, minimalist design.

  • 4.3" colour monitor OSD (On Screen Display) function with command display
  • Soft-touch technology
  • Management of up to 8 intercom calls with OSD menu when used with IPervoice
  • Quality materials
  • Wall mounted with flush-mounting options (using dedicated box)
  • Integrated hearing aid setup
  • Can be installed on 2Voice and IPervoice
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UD-E4 Hands-Free Video Housephone
UD-E4 Hands-Free Video Housephone

The Nexo is a stylish new monitor for our analogue range of coax video systems. 

The Nexo is a 7" TFT handsfree colour monitor which is surface mounted with dimensions of H135 x W 200 x D21 mm.

Bracket pre-arranged for fixing on embedding boxes

2 dry contacts

Volume, contrast, brightness and colour adjustments

System: Coax, Digivoice

The main features of the colour video doorphone Ref. 1708/1 are the following:

  • Wall mounting installation, the device is equipped with a plastic bracket for installation in a generic flush mounting box
  • 7" TFT colour display
  • Dedicated door lock release button
  • 2 additional buttons for auto-on function or activation of additional relays for electric loads activation (if properly connected)
  • Contrast and colour adjustment with OSD menu [on screen display] with buttons placed in monitor right side
  • Ringer and call volume adjustment with potentiometers placed in the lower side of the monitor

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An elegant, modern design enhanced by the new outfit implementing soft-touch technology. With its compact size 148(W) x 170(H) x 54(D)mm, 9 mm protrusion from the wall), the Folio hands-free video door phone intercom immediately appears as a monitor in which technology and design converge. 

A small luxury object for high performance designed with care for details. Designed by Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen, Folio is the answer for those looking for a stylish modern design, new materials (such as the shiny polycarbonate screen, in two colours black or white) and concrete, up-to-date solutions. Like the control mode: all functions are set using soft-touch technology. 

Each control appears on the display using a graphic icon system with textual description. Folio can manage simple video door phone functions and the typical features of the modern systems with which it interfaces.

Compatible with 2Voice & IPervoice systems

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Urmet's Imago electronic video intercom is styled by the Cittero Design Studio in collaboration with Toan Nquyen.

  • Modern slim design
  • Additional 4 service keys
  • Adjustable call volume
  • 4" Colour LCD with On Screen Display
  • Full Duplex Audio Hands free
  • Can be installed on Analogue, 2Go!, Digivoice and IPervoice

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Signo Video
Signo Video
Signo video door phones are the smallest their kind on the market: 
it is very compact and is only 5 cm thick.

Minimal, stylish and extra-slim designed by Citterio.

Signo is ideal for all decors, thanks to its great style and versatile finish. 
Three colours are available: shiny white, anthracite and platinum.

The harmonious, perfectly flat surface has no sharp edges: profiles are rounded, like the user-friendly buttons (door opener plus 3 auxiliary buttons for operating secondary services, such as switching on the staircase lights, opening a secondary lock and intercom calls). The Signo black and white or colour video door phone is the ideal combination of quality and convenience: the LCD display 4” in size (colour version) or 4.5” (black and white).

The Signo video door phone manages electronic calls through a dedicated speaker positioned under the microphone and is compatible with all the main Urmet video door phone systems.

• High gloss finish (white version)

• Total flat minimum dimensions

• Versatile: b/w and colour versions, audio versions

• Three different colours: white, anthracite and platinum

• Integrated hearing aid setup

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Signo Audio
Signo Audio

A Smooth surface: long, slim lines and minimum thickness: the Signo reinvents the door phone with a light, original shape. The care for detail is enhanced in three colour schemes: shiny white, black and class.

Signo door phone compatible with 4+n, BIBUS VOP & IPervoice.

Features: Door phone set up with three supplementary buttons, of which one is already available.
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Everything in this video door phone intercom is designed to provide functional solutions: easy to use, robust design and outstanding ergonomics are the characteristics of Arco

  • Arco features a 4.5" CRT 
  • As well as a lock release button 2 additional service buttons are provided. 
  • Controls for the adjustment of brightness and contrast are via individual controls
  • The call volume can also be adjusted and muted using a rotary dial. 
  • In the mute position the dial displays a red indicator.
  • The Arco monitor is suitable for both analogue and digital intercom systems
  • Used to Retrofit old Urmet Scout and Sentry Monitors
  • Can be wall mounted (standard) or table mounted using Plexiglass stand.
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