IP surveillance refers to the transmission of digital media over IP networks. By leveraging digital and networking technologies, it provides the advantages of both fields. Digital technologies enable IP surveillance to provide video quality superior to analog CCTV systems. Video and audio compression techniques can be applied to reduce bandwidth and storage space requirements, and because data can be recorded onto digital storage media, storage costs are significantly reduced. Additionally, data can be analyzed automatically to provide more useful behavior information. Networking technologies bring to IP surveillance the benefits of remote access anytime, anywhere as long as an Internet connection is available. IP surveillance systems can be easily scaled up by connecting small systems together through IP networks, and can incorporate new technologies such as Power-over-Ethernet and wireless LAN. Because of their support for open standard Internet protocols, IP surveillance systems are compatible with a company’s existing network infrastructure. Among these benefits, superior video quality, especially for megapixel technology, is the most important driving force that will encourage continued migration to IP.

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Aimetis Software
Aimetis Software

Video Intercom is proud to support & use Aimetis Symphony. Its the choice that makes intelligent video management simple by providing a single software platform for:

Future-Proof Surveillance - With three software license versions to choose from, Aimetis Symphony™ has a solution for every stage on the migration path from analog CCTV to intelligent IP video. And, with the industry's simplest licensing model, transitioning is easier than ever. Learn more

Open IP Video Management - Aimetis Symphony™ installs on standard IT hardware, supports hundreds of camera models, provides a feature-rich, easy-to-use interface, and has a full Application Programming Interface (API) that makes integration with third-party systems, such as access control, easy. Learn more

Proven Video Analytics - Aimetis VE Series video analytic algorithms are seamlessly incorporated into Aimetis Symphony™, analyzing video data in real-time and providing organizations with intelligent information at their fingertips. Read more about the benefits of analytics.

Security & Beyond - With advanced video search tools, and a comprehensive selection of on-demand reports, organizations use Aimetis Symphony™ for business intelligence in addition to security surveillance, helping them to better plan business requirements, improve operations and increase ROI. 
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Vivotek IP Cameras
Vivotek IP Cameras

VIVOTEK gives you the ability to create and maintain an effective and reliable IP Surveillance System. Utilizing VIVOTEK's state-of-the-art IP Network Cameras, users can build a completely scaleable, high performance wired or wireless IP Surveillance System that can effectively monitor and protect valuable assets.

With the installation of a networked surveillance system, you can locally or remotely monitor the safety and security of people and property anywhere, anytime. Networked surveillance makes it possible to send live images and audio for remote monitoring, learning, troubleshooting, web broadcasting, and any other activity requiring a remote presence.

VIVOTEK's advanced codec technology allows you to easily view, control, and manage all networked cameras using any standard web browser or our surveillance management software from any networked computer.

The Vivotek range includes the following types of cameras:

  • Internal low profile cameras
  • External Vandal Dome Cameras
  • 360 Degree and 180 Degree panoramic cameras
  • Bullet IR Cameras
  • Box Cameras 
  • Licence plate recognition cameras

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