Former Meriton Property Operations Manager joins the Urmet Group in Australia29-Aug-2017

NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT Tuesday, 29 August 2017 The Urmet Group in Australia is pleased to announce the appointment of former Meriton Group Property Operations Manager, Will Miranda, to the role of National Sales Manager. Will joins the Urmet Group in Australia from REIS Corporation wh..

No longer just a doorbell: IP intercom systems set to change the apartment security landscape27-Jul-2017

It is no surprise that we are living in an era of a connected world. The revolution that has transpired as a result of the introduction of the smart phone has not only transformed the traditional mobile phone market but has also seen the application "app" era take full effect. With digital conte..

Improving the customer experience: Why it is paramount to success and what it really takes14-Jun-2017

Walt Disney once said, “do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”[1] In my 37 years’ experience in running businesses, I have found that this sentiment couldn’t be more true. Satisfied customers are key to maintaining business and bu..

The changing apartment landscape: The need for a holistic approach to residential security10-May-2017

The apartment security landscape is changing rapidly – bringing with it increasingly complex challenges. In the last ten years alone, we have seen client needs change from requiring a new system to requiring an integrated solution. A holistic approach is now more crucial than ever. This ar..

Selling security: What makes a great salesperson?26-Apr-2017

The sales function is arguably the most important part of any business regardless of whether it is a start-up or a multinational, an electronics security wholesaler or a sales and marketing company. Without “orders” or “work”, you have nothing to build upon – no eff..

Visualising smart apartment living in 2025 – more secure, connected and green30-Mar-2017

What will apartment living look like in 2025? As a security company specialising in security systems for high-rise residential developments for over 35 years, we briefly share our thoughts on the developments we may see – from potential applications of artificial intelligence to the harnes..

How safe is your apartment? Managing security in residential buildings12-Oct-2016

Over the past few years we have witnessed first-hand an exponential increase in the demand for security systems in apartment buildings. One possible explanation is that this may be a consequence of a rise in criminal activity within such dwellings, leading to security system installation either in r..

Urmet iPerHome02-Dec-2014

iPerHome transforms the modern apartment into a truly smart home thanks to its seamless integration with the Urmet Modo range of video intercom monitors. iPerHome has the features expected of a home automation system, while also offering the ability to control the system via the Urmet iModo & Mo..

IPervoice - Urmet's IP Solution is set to be the most exciting product of 2009!30-Oct-2012

Door entry systems have come of age with the launch in 2009 of IPervoice. IPervoice is the first digital, all-CAT5 system, with IP-compatible external wiring and dedicated riser protocol. With unlimited extension and number of riser columns, IPervoice is the ideal system for simplifying ..

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